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How will my ideas be implemented into the strategic plan?

Your ideas will undergo thorough evaluation by our strategic planning committee. Selected concepts will be integrated into action plans and pilot projects that align with our strategic objectives. Each contribution will help shape UTM’s direction towards 2050.

Can I submit more than one idea or piece of feedback?

Absolutely! We encourage multiple submissions if you have various ideas or insights. Our goal is to gather a rich tapestry of perspectives to inform our strategic plan comprehensively.

What happens after I submit my ideas?

Once submitted, your ideas enter a collaborative review process where they are discussed and assessed for alignment with UTM’s strategic goals. You can expect periodic updates on the survey’s outcomes and may be contacted for further discussion or clarification if your idea progresses to the next stage.

Will I get credited for my ideas?

While we cannot promise you this, please rest assure that we will recognise your contribution during our presentation to the top management as well as documentations (in the acknowledgement section)