UTM Idea Bank

The UTM Idea Bank (symbolizing ‘alteration’ in Japanese), is our primary digital gateway for collating stakeholder insights on charting UTM’s future course.

Why my voice matters?

The Office of Strategy & Corporate Affairs is committed to a transparent and inclusive process. We will meticulously compile and analyze your invaluable inputs to develop strategic directions that are not only ambitious but also achievable, ensuring UTM’s continued growth and impact in the global educational landscape.

Welcome to the UTM Strategic Vision 2050 Survey, an initiative proudly managed by the Office of Strategy & Corporate Affairs. Our mission is to harness the collective intelligence and creativity of the UTM community to shape a dynamic and visionary future for our university.

This survey represents a pivotal step in our journey towards Strategic Plan 2030, laying the groundwork for the ambitions we aim to achieve by 2050. Through this platform, every voice in the UTM community can contribute to the crafting of our shared future, ensuring that our strategies resonate with the needs, aspirations, and innovative spirit of our faculty, staff, and students.

By participating in this survey, you are playing an integral role in UTM’s future. Your ideas and feedback will directly influence the strategic initiatives that will propel UTM towards new horizons of excellence and innovation.

Join us in this strategic endeavor. Your vision today will become UTM’s reality tomorrow. Let’s shape the future of UTM together, with foresight, creativity, and collaboration at the heart of everything we do.


How far in the future are we looking into?

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