Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Idea Bank 

As we stride beyond our current frontiers and look towards a horizon filled with potential, UTM is thrilled to announce a special call-for-idea named Share Your Vision! This initiative is a cornerstone of our dialogue as we craft the future roadmap for our university, the Strategic Plan that will take us forward from enVision UTM 2025.

We are eager to hear from you – the dreamers, thinkers, and visionaries. Your innovative insights are invaluable as we aim to elevate UTM’s legacy of excellence. Whether it’s a spark of genius about our academic environment, a blueprint for campus sustainability, or a digital leap to transform our community engagement – every vision counts.

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What does the future hold for us?

Thriving through pandemics and the swift ascent of AI, we’re reminded that the future defies prediction. UTM’s legacy has deeply etched itself in the nation’s engineering progress. Now, we ponder—what new frontiers await us?


Do you envision UTM as a global cradle for breakthroughs shaping humanity’s progress?


Can UTM redefine education with immersive learning experiences that resonate worldwide?

Student Development

Will UTM be the forge of transformative leaders in an interconnected world?


Could UTM’s state-of-the-art facilities become the benchmark for future academic landscapes?

Our future does not have to be limited to these

Let your imagination runs wild!

Lend Your Voice to Shape Our Tomorrow

What does the future look like through your eyes? Share your visions, ideas, and aspirations. Your contributions will not only be heard but will also help shape the essence of our shared journey towards a transformative future.

Let’s come together to build a UTM that embodies our collective ambition and spirit. Begin the conversation and set the wheels of change in motion.